Bath Melts and Bath Salts

Bath Melts

How to describe these little delights?

They look too small to do much but trust us one popped in the bath when you get in is all you need to fill your head and your bathroom with a heavenly aroma.

When it has completely melted it will leave your skin soft and smelling gorgeous for ages - be careful though because they do leave the bath slightly slippery!

Made with a blend of cocoa & shea butter with a touch of grapeseed oil and either essential oils or fragrance oils.

Lavender & Patchouli - relaxing lavender blended with the rich earthy patchouli aroma

Lemon & May Chang - reminds us of lemon sherbert sweets, may chang is very calming

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Bath Salts

A blend of Epsom and Sea Salts:

Gently fragranced and lightly coloured, great for tired muscles and a weary mind.

Run a hot bath, pour them in, step in to the water and relax

(see jar for more details)

Citrus - a blend of orange,lemon and lime essential oils

Lavender - pure lavender essential oil

English Rose - classic rose scent

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